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Follow Evan Wheat on an epic journey of self-discovery in a spellbinding Afrofuturistic fantasy adventure that transcends reality.

After the sudden loss of his father, Evan inherits a Lemurian quartz crystal with extraordinary powers. This mystical stone guides him to an enigmatic bookstore where the book, "The Magical World of Irimus" selects him to read it.

Despite receiving vivid dream messages from another realm, Evan eventually ignores them and veers off his predestined path.

A lightning strike thrusts Evan's consciousness into an alternate reality, where he joins an underground group of insurgents and undergoes intense training to combat a powerful enemy bent on ruling humanity.

Armed with the quartz crystal, Evan must overcome countless trials to emerge triumphant.

LUCID is a captivating story that explores themes of self-discovery through dreaming and carries a powerful message...

Life ultimately continues in dreams (LUCID).

Order your copy today and embark on an unforgettable peregrination!

2024...A new hero is born!